Zug, 20.05.2019

Canton reflects national trend in two key referendums over weekend


As previously reported, a national referendum was held yesterday relating to the Federal Act on Tax Reform and AHV Financing, to which 66 per cent of all voters agreed, including those in the canton of Zug.



Reform relating to corporate tax became necessary as certain tax privileges no longer complied with international, i.e. EU and OECD, requirements. Acceptance of the reforms now means the tax system for companies will be internationally compliant and competitive; and AHV pensions will benefit from increased contributions to the tune of more than CHF 2 billion a year at the same time.


The result means that tax privileges for companies operating primarily internationally will be abolished, the same taxation rules applying to all companies. At the same time the State will provide the cantons with additional funding from direct federal tax.


In the canton of Zug 24,847 people voted to accept the reforms, compared with 11,366 against.


In a second national referendum relating to the Swiss Weapons Law, again voters across the country, 64 per cent of them, agreed that Switzerland should comply with stricter EU laws. Had it not done so, then the country could have been excluded from the Schengen Area. Only one canton voted against the new regulations, namely the Ticino. In the canton of Zug, 24,473 voted to accept the stricter laws, compared with 12,054 against.


Out of interest, the turnout in this latter referendum amounted to 47.54 per cent, compared with 47.38 per cent in the former.