Zug, 18.04.2024

Brüggli underpass to become barrier-free

The pedestrian and cyclist underpass at the Brüggli lakeside bathing area in Zug is getting on in years, and is to be rebuilt.

It crosses under the SBB Zug/Rotkreuz double- track railway line and the pedestrian and cycle bridge on the eastern side of the Lorze river. It was built in 1973 - and is to be rebuilt from mid-August this year.

The two entrances to the underpass consist of steep steps with sliding ramps. The conversion will make it barrier-free, as detailed in a press release issued by the Department of Construction (Baudepartement) last Friday. The steps will be replaced by ramps. This will make things easier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians - especially for people with walking difficulties, wheelchair users and people with pushchairs. The surface, walls and lighting of the subway will also be repaired, according to the building department.

The Brüggli South underpass in Zug.
The Brüggli Nord underpass in Zug.

Cham-Zug cycle route to remain open
The underpass will have to be closed during the construction work, and a diversion for cyclists and pedestrians will be signposted. "The cycle route between Cham and Zug via the Lorze river will remain open at all times," continues the press release.

Due to the proximity to the railway line, massive protective scaffolding will be erected for safety reasons. In addition, the bicycle parking spaces marked along the railway line will have to be temporarily relocated on the lake side during the construction work.