Zug, 10.07.2024

Brockenhaus Zug to donate 1 day's turnover for storms in Switzerland

Some regions in Switzerland have been hit hard by the recent stormy weather. Villages have been cut off from the environment, houses have been destroyed and some people have died.

The Brockenhaus Zug wants to make a contribution here, and is donating the daily sales from 11 July 2024 to Swiss Solidarity.

The recent bad weather has hit Switzerland hard
Severe storms have hit Switzerland in the last few weeks - with devastating consequences. The cantons of Ticino, Graubünden and Valais have been hit particularly hard. Roads have been destroyed, including the A13 motorway (near Lostallo GR), houses and gardens buried under mud and rocks, and villages have been cut off. Worst of all, however, are the reports of missing persons and those who have lost their lives. Local people are grateful for any help, in whatever form, and the Brockenhaus Zug (second-hand store) wants to help by making a donation in the form of the daily turnover from 11 July 2024.

Severe storms have hit Switzerland in the last few weeks            Stock photo

Brockenhaus Zug's commitment goes beyond the cantonal borders
The Brockenhaus Zug, which is run by the Frauenzentrale Zug association (Women's Centre Zug), has been committed to the conservation of resources and social projects for decades. By selling second-hand items, it supports the community and makes a valuable contribution to sustainability and social responsibility in the canton of Zug.

The volunteers at Brockenhaus Zug are very keen to contribute to a donation for those affected by the storms in Switzerland. The entire day’s turnover from Thursday, 11 July 2024 will therefore be donated to the victims.

Anyone who would like to take part is invited to shop from the wide range of books, toys, leisure items and decorative treasures at the Brockenhaus Zug on Thursday, 11 July. The final proceeds will be transferred to Swiss Solidarity.

For media information, please contact Christine Langhans, manager of Brockenhaus Zug, on 079 525 26 90 or by e-mail at christine.langhans@brockizug.ch.


Source: Christine Langhans, Frauenzentrale Zug