Baar, 17.05.2019

Brigitte Moser, jewellery designer, gives up her shop but not her work


After running her own jewellery design business for 50 years it is not surprising Brigitte Moser, at 74, is not able to just stop working. And this she will not be doing, either. While she may be giving up her premises on Baar’s Dorfstrasse, she is to carry on working from the Shedhalle in Zug’s Hofstrasse.


Working in jewellery design has always been Moser’s passion. “As soon as I feel the gems in my hand, I start wondering what could be made out of them,” she said, adding how irresistible it was when salesmen called round with their cases full of stones, both cut and uncut.


As mentioned, the passionate designer will cease working from her current premises on Saturday 15 June, but following a trend noticed among people of pensionable age these days, she will still carry on working. At least with not having the shop anymore, she will not have to keep to certain hours; she will be able to work whenever it suits her.


She has been allocated a space at the Shedhalle, at workshop number 63, where already some nine artists are at work. She has been very lucky to have been offered this space, bearing in mind they are usually offered to artists under the age of 40 only. It is here she will still be able to enjoy creating the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings and other items of jewellery as she has done in the past, sometimes to customers’ own designs. Each one of her creations is unique, difficulties occurring sometimes when not all stones have the same hue.


There will be no set open times at her new premises, enabling her to work with fewer interruptions. However, she intends to maintain contact with all the other jeweller designers, Swiss and foreign, she has met over the years.


As Monika Wegmann, the journalist who wrote this article, mentioned, Moser has been actually very much involved in arranging cultural events in the canton for many years; indeed, she has been recognised by the canton for all she has done.


Bearing in mind her designs have concentrated on the more avant-garde in style has led to her experiencing times when income has been not what she would have liked. Nevertheless, she stuck to the designs she liked.


And she is happy, too, that her former premises are to be taken over by a goldsmith she previously helped to promote.


There will be a drinks reception between 10am and 1pm at the Dorfstrasse premises (number 27) on Saturday 15 June, followed by another between 11 am and 2pm on Saturday 3 August at her new workshop in the Shedhalle.