Zug, 02.12.2019

Black Friday is booming - and is also met with criticism

Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Switzerland is turning into a land of bargain hunters these days. The trend from the USA has also arrived here. Electronic products are most sought after, but other industries are also jumping onto the bandwagon. For example, Zurich car insurance was being offered at half-price. The SBB catering daughter Elvetino also took joined in: food and drink were only half the price in their dining car yesterday.

Various providers reported a rush. Demand is "enormous," according to Coop subsidiary Microspot. According to estimates by the market researchers from the GfK Institute, the Swiss spend around CHF 310 million in the days around Black Friday, and the trend is rising. The importance of Black Friday is also reflected in the advertising market, where the price of online advertising increased by 30 percent. The discount rush brings the online platforms to their limits. Many sides collapsed in the past, but today they’re prepared for it.

Online retailer Digitec-Galaxus, for example, has moved many of its services to the cloud, according to a spokesman. Certain services could also be reduced at peak times, if necessary.

Such measures have had an effect: "Our shops have largely remained stable so far." There was a data leak on Digitec-Galaxus, however. Lists of the planned special offers circulated on the Internet. Apparently, employees wanted to do friends a favour.

Several hundred people took part in the demonstration in Bern in order to show their displeasure of unnecessary consumption at the expense of the environment.

Another climate strike took place on Postplatz yesterday. Many young people gathered to voice their concerns. The rainy weather did not stop them from raising their banners and posters and energetically pushing for change.

Some traders have spoken out against the Black Friday trend in the meantime. A counter-movement is even forming among the climate activists. They took to the streets yesterday in different Swiss cities, including Zug, under the motto "Green Friday instead of Black Friday".