Baar,, 30.04.2019

Bilanz magazine names Zuger Kantonalbank as best regional bank for private banking

The Bilanz specialist economics journal recently carried out checks on how regional banks fared when it came to private banking services and this year the Zuger Kantonalbank has come top in this category, out of 90 banks the journal contacted.



For the first time ever in the eleven years the magazine has been monitoring banks in this way, journalists posed as bitcoin millionaires, wondering how the 90 banks they contacted might react, each unknowingly being monitored in the way they responded.


When Pascal Niquille (photograph), the chairman of the board of the Zuger KB was informed about how well his bank had fared, he said it was proof of the high level of competence in offering advice in this area and  provided the bank with even greater confidence as it extended its asset management business.


Out of interest, the Globalance Bank AG of Zurich was declared best overall private bank in the country.


This article is based on one by Livio Brandenberg.