Risch, 25.07.2020

Best walks in the canton, part 2

Our author Tijana Nikolic reveals why she’s often found at the parish church of St. Verena in Risch.

I know this beautiful, quiet walking path well from car journeys along the Rischerstrasse towards the Bowling Centre in Meierskappel. But that’s only the first part of the path, which  leads over the highway. This summer, I found the complete route, which starts at the lake in Buonas, to be pleasant path that I can also conquer on foot. Because, admittedly, I'm not really a great walker.

And so I start on a sunny, late Saturday afternoon at the lake promenade in Buonas at the Fahrmatten. Although the promenade is very small, it has a small barbecue area and even a lakeside swimming area, as well as many benches that invite you to linger. There’s a small kiosk by the outdoor pool, with about five tables and a small wooden house that probably serves as a changing room. I don't know this exactly, but just as I walk past it I’m invited to come in by a young woman. As the mini-badi seems a bit too cosy to me and as there were already some visitors on the small lawn, I thank her but decline, and continue to walk on.

Access to the castle is unfortunately not allowed
Passing the Buonas jetty, where the ships from Cham stop and then continue on to Risch or Oberwil, I walk along the promenade, with a view of stony beaches, and even a nudist half-hidden between the reeds. Buonas Castle is to my right. The path then goes up steeply for the only time on this route. A little out of breath, I walk alongside a private property, where I catch a glimpse of beautiful cars and a family enjoying a lavish dinner. Much of this route on this section is generally privately owned and fenced off.

I arrive at the top of the Rischerstrasse and head in the direction of Buonas Castle. Well, not directly towards the castle, as that's not possible, but I walk past the entrance gate to the property under the shady trees of the wood.

The castle is now privately owned, and was acquired by the Roche chemical company in 1997 for the construction of a conference centre. It’s therefore not open to the public. The two houses at the entrance to the castle are also beautiful and appear to be neo-Gothic. I always think how much I’d like to take a walk over the private estate. I continue down the Rischerstrasse until the start of the village of Risch, where you’re greeted from afar by two small goats. They seem to be some sort of dwarf goat, as they both have sweet little stubby legs that are too small to jump over the low enclosure.

The path along the lake promenade has many benches that invite you to linger.
The view from the cemetery near the parish church of St.Verena.

View from the parish church of St. Verena
After this friendly welcome, I come to my favourite part of this route: the parish church of St.Verena. Not that I'm very religious, no. I’m mainly interested in the beautiful cemetery, which runs around the church, and the view that is offered from here. Twilight is already approaching – and I like to be here at this time. I can look down on green hills, grazing sheep and the boats that move with the rhythm of Lake Zug. There’s a light wind blowing and everything is quiet. There’s no-one to be seen, and I enjoy the silence as I lie down on the stone ledge of the viewpoint from the church. The day is still quite warm from the descending sun, and I could stay here for hours re-charging my batteries. In addition to the beautiful view of Lake Zug and the mountains, I am entranced by the flowers that grow around and on the graves. Every grave has so lovingly tended and tells its own story. I read the inscriptions on the graves again, although I have read them so many times before. I imagine who these people were, and what they did in their lives. I think they have found their peace in such a beautiful place.

I leave here with a heavy heart, as always. But it's already slowly becoming dark and cool. I walk through the village and admire the beautiful and sometimes impressive houses and villas on both sides of the road. That too gives me pleasure. I can recommend this peaceful walk to anyone who simply wants to relax and recharge their batteries.

In this series, the authors of the "Zuger Zeitung" present their favourite route in the canton of Zug.