Zug/Baar, 14.06.2021

Barrier between Loreto and Arbach remains open


The barrier on the Alte Baarerstrasse will not be put into operation until the opening of the Zug/Baar Tangente on 24 June.

The direct connection between the Loreto district in Zug and the Arbach hamlet in Baar should have been closed by 1 June at the latest. But the barrier on the Alte Baarerstrasse is still open, and the associated traffic signals are covered up.

When asked, the cantonal building directorate stated that this will remain the case until the Zug/Baar Tangente is put into operation on the afternoon of 24 June – and there have been complaints from the local population. Building director Florian Weber emphasised that the construction of the installation was necessary as part of the  accompanying measures for the Tangente: "The canton has carried out what it was commissioned to do according to the approved project requirements."

Cars can still travel directly from Arbach to Zug
Image: Stefan Kaiser (Zug, 26 May 2021)

He had already explained the reason for the early commissioning of the barrier at the end of May: "In order to eliminate the unclear and, to some extent, dangerous traffic situation that has arisen due to the central island that has already been created." These concerns now seem to have become secondary.

Baar and Zug will soon take over responsibility
When asked what would happen if there were to be complaints about the barrier after the opening of the Tangente, Mr. Weber siad that this would then be the responsibility of the involved municipalities of Zug and Baar.

The route over the Alte Baarerstrasse is popular for driving to Inwil and Baar and back while avoiding busier roads. As a result of the Tangente project, this back-roads route is to be closed to traffic – with the exception of buses and cyclists.

A test drive by the Zuger Zeitung newspaper has shown that this barrier can be easily circumvented: by means of a turning manoeuvre on the Göblistrasse, onto which traffic from the Loreto quarter and the Arbach is directed.