Oberaegeri, 07.05.2019

Bank premises to be converted to doctors' surgery

With the Raiffeisenbank in the municipality due to close, there has been much speculation locally about what is to happen with its premises.

Now, as Erik Müller of the bank’s board has confirmed, a doctors’ surgery is to be set up, “meaning a solution of benefit to Oberägeri itself, if not the whole Aegeri Valley,” he said.


The bank will remain proprietor of various floors of the building and then let these out when the bank finally closes, possibly in June of 2020, later than earlier thought; all this is in connection with the altering of the bank’s other premises in Unterägeri and Sattel.


Müller mentioned that, despite this branch in Oberaegeri closing, there would still be an ATM, with the possibility of paying money in, and a 24-hour strong-box facility in the entrance area.


As to the new doctors’ practice, this project is being led by Emil Schalch, who already practises at premises at number 2 Fischmattstrasse in the municipality. The 66-year-old thinks that the system where just one doctor was available at a surgery is gone, hence he had this idea of setting up a centre where more could practise, something which would be of benefit to the whole community and at the same time ensuring local medical care continues at a central location after he and fellow doctor Joachim Henggeler retire.


Locals will know Henggeler set up the Lake Aegeri Health practice, from where two paediatricians work in addition to a general-practitioner.


It was also mentioned how Schalch is considering taking on a gynaecologist, particularly as none currently works in the valley.


This article is based on one by Rahel Hug.