Hünenberg, 24.04.2020

Audi driver caught travelling at 163 kph

A motorist drove so fast through the Herrenwald wood that he met the so-called "excessive speeding" standard. The 50-year-old Italian faces a prison sentence.

Last Friday evening, 17 April, an Audi driver raced past a semi-stationary speed measurement system on the Sinserstrasse between Sins and Hünenberg at 163 kilometres per hour, as reported by the Zug law enforcement authorities in a press release on Thursday. After deduction of the legal tolerance, there remained a criminal excess speed of 76 kilometres an hour, which represents the so-called 'excessive speeding' offence.

The maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour applies on the above-mentioned section of the route. The investigations by the Zug police revealed that the driver was a 50-year-old Italian resident of the canton of Zurich. His driver's license was confiscated on behalf of the Road Traffic Office. The public prosecutor's office of the canton of Zug also opened criminal proceedings and impounded the vehicle.

Other speeders at the same checkpoint,
The 50-year-old man faces a maximum sentence of at least one year in prison, in addition to a heavy fine. At the same checkpoint, the semi-stationary speed measurement system registered even more speeding drivers. The frontrunner, in a negative sense, was a driver who was measured driving at 139 kilometres per hour on Monday evening, April 20. After deducting the legal tolerance, this results in a criminal excess speed of 53 kilometres an hour. The fallible driver has been charged and will have to appear before the Public Prosecutor of the canton of Zug.