Huenenberg, 04.04.2019

Attractivity of Boesch industrial zone set to increase

There has been much discussion about the future development of the Bösch Industrial Zone in Hünenberg of late, not least after a company in Zurich looked at how its attractivity might be increased.



It was actually the Keeas “spacial concept” company which was commissioned by the Zugwest Economic Region Association to come up with an idea of how the site might develop further and what improvements could be made, not least with regard to creating a clearer central area, landscaping and provision of a post office. It was suggested, too, how former ship containers might be used as snack bars, showrooms or co-working spaces, perhaps under cover in the more outer parts, especially where there would no longer be any through traffic. Then, as Ilva Gerber of the Keeas AG company explained, it was thought an interest group could be set up, and this has now been done with a nine-man committee, which includes René Kurmann of the Wipolero Treuhand (fiduciary agency), Beat Hürlimann of BIXE AG Harley Davidson, Marco Hofer and Peter Moos, both landowners, Stefan Bruhin of the STB House business consultancy company, Roger Illy of the Hans Hürlimann AG plant hire company, Ivo Jaeggli of the Jego AG property company, Eugen Huwiler of the eponymous painting company and Urs Kappeler of the International School of Zug and Lucerne, all of whom are reported to be highly motivated. In addition to bringing those who run businesses and landowners onto this site, it was thought a good idea to get residents of the municipality round a table to discuss the way forward, too.


In addition to looking to a more attractive environment, aspects such as security, parking and future development are other areas which are to be discussed.