Zug, 23.04.2020

Art: fresh air for Josephine Hopper

A Zug art lover had ithe idea of opening a window on a well-known painting - symbolic for times like this.

Staying at home is currently the highest priority for people around the world, in order to curb the spread of the corona virus. The well-known painting "Cape Cod Morning" by the eminent US artist Edward Hopper has almost becomes a symbol of this: a woman looks out of her house through the locked window into the nature illuminated by the morning sun. The lady in question is Hopper's wife Josephine, who has modelled for almost all of his paintings with female figures.

The window is now open for Jo Hopper

Mrs. Hopper is now being provided with fresh air at Haus Bohlstrasse 14 in Zug,: On the poster at the parking lot that shows picture of the painting, the window is now wide open – unlike the original. This small "manipulation" was carried out by Fredy Rickenbacher, the art-loving owner of the property and operator of the privately-maintained billboard. He receives exhibition posters for his display wall from several Swiss art houses– including the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, where he and his wife are diligent visitors. According to Rickenbacher, the poster attracted interest from passers-by. So why not walk along the Bohlstrasse when you have the chance? – after all, this is still allowed in compliance with the social distance rules – and take a breath of fresh air together with Mrs. Hopper ...