Rotkreuz, 15.06.2021

Around 3,200 WWZ connections without electricity

A medium-voltage cable of Wasserwerke Zug AG (WWZ) was damaged during excavation work on Monday morning. This led to a power outage of around half an hour for WWZ customers in parts of Rotkreuz.

In Rotkreuz on Monday, 10.20 a.m., around 3,200 connections of the Wasserwerke Zug AG (WWZ) were without electricity. According to a report from the WWZ, this was caused by damage to a medium-voltage cable during excavation work between the Lindenplatz and the Küntwilerstrasse.

According to the WWZ, a large part of the affected properties were able to be supplied with electricity again at 10.44 a.m. The fault was rectified by 10.52 a.m., and the power supply restored.

Transformer stations in the areas of the Erlenstrasse, Lettenstrasse, Riedstrasse, Allrüti, Grundstrasse, Schöngrund, Chamerstrasse, Lindenplatz, Haldenstrasse, Eichmatt, Küntwilerstrasse, Weidstrasse, Ibikon and Breitfeld were affected by the interruption.