Menzingen, 10.07.2019

Arcade planned to increase safety by narrow road in municipality

Anyone who has travelled through the centre of Menzingen will know how narrow the cantonal road is there. Now it is hoped to create an arcade in one of the buildings close to the road to increase safety for pedestrians.


Naturally this is not a new problem and discussions about what to do to increase safety in this area where pedestrians and vehicles get very close to each other have been going on for some time.


As Florian Weber, who heads the Cantonal Department of Planning, explained, investigations have been going on to find out whether an arcade would be granted permission in such a building, and whether it would be technically possible and economically feasible.


Of note in all this, too, is that the residential and commercial property affected, that at numbers 2-4 Kirchgasse, was granted listed status only as recently as 13 May of this year. Nevertheless, this does not prevent an arcade from being built, the Cantonal Office for the Protection of Monuments and Historic Buildings and Archaeology having no objections to the construction of an arcade enabling the provision of a new, wider pavement within it. What is also good it that the project has met with the approval of many local residents, as councillor Barbara Beck explained.


Once the approval of the cantonal government is forthcoming, funding to the tune of CHF 400,000 will be sought for the construction of the arcade, plus CHF 1.3 million for the alterations to the road. Should all go swimmingly, then construction could start in 2021, one year being needed before it is complete.


What the authorities are looking to at present is whether the road should be closed while work is in progress as this would shorten the time needed and be much safer.


Weber also mentioned how good cooperation had been between his department, the local council and the proprietors of the building.