Zug, 09.04.2019

Alternative-Greens select Tabea Zimmermann Gibson as candidate for election to Council of States

At its last meeting the Alternative Green Party (ALG) of Zug unanimously selected Tabea Zimmermann Gibson as a candidate to stand for election to the Council of States in Bern this autumn, though a final nomination meeting will not be held until Wednesday 8 May.

The ALG said that their choice of candidate, a member of the cantonal parliament who represents the city of Zug, was someone who was highly involved and effective, and who showed much solidarity.


49-year-old Zimmermann Gibson is a teacher at the Alpenquai Cantonal School in Lucerne but grew up in Zug and still lives here with her husband and twin sons, one of whom, Robin, featured in a recent article in the Zuger Zeitung having written his school-leaving dissertation on explaining all about blockchain and crypto-currencies in straightforward terms.

Not only is his mother a cantonal parliamentarian, she is also vice chair of the Greater City Council and chairwoman of the Zug Kiss Cooperative, which organises support for people for tokens which can later be redeemed for support for the carers when they need it themselves. The party mentioned how well she knew how politics worked and was only too well aware of the challenges the people of Zug faced. As she put it herself, “We here in Zug live in a dynamic canton which produces lots of innovative ideas. What I would like to do is take these elements to Bern and get involved there to ensure sound and sustainable solutions are found in the areas of equal opportunities for everyone, climate matters and demography.”

As mentioned, the matter of who will actually go on to take up a seat in Bern will be decided at a later date, but the ALG thinks a second ballot will be necessary, with the party then likely to support the candidate of the Left who achieved the highest number of votes in the first round.


This article is based in part on a report by Andrea Muff.