Baar, 29.02.2024

Alcoholised driver drives the wrong-way on the A14 - police stop her with staged traffic jam

A woman caused an accident with her car in Baar. Afterwards, she simply drove off and even made a U-turn on the highway. When the police stopped her, she refused to leave the car.

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, a woman driver caused a head-on collision in Baar on the opposite carriageway with a delivery van that was stopped at a traffic light. Without paying any attention, she continued on the A4 motorway in the direction of Affoltern am Albis. She stopped at Mettmenstetten, turned round and drove back towards Lucerne as a wrong-way driver. A police patrol travelling on the correct side of the road tried to get her to stop - to no avail, as the Zug police reported on Wednesday.

Image: Google Maps

To end the dangerous situation, the forces staged a traffic jam near Gisikon and positioned several vehicles as a buffer. The wrong-way driver, who was approaching the head of the traffic jam from the front, stopped a few metres in front of the parked buffer vehicles after her "erratic journey of 20 kilometres", the police continued. But she refused to switch off the engine and leave the car. "In order to secure the situation, the window was smashed and the woman was escorted outdoors," the statement continues.

The wrong-way driver was a 34-year-old Croatian woman who, according to the police, was "heavily intoxicated". She had to hand in her driving licence and her car was seized. Nobody was injured.