Unteraegeri, 16.04.2024

Ägeri colourful is back

Things are colourful again in Unterägeri: "Ägeri farbig (Aegeri colourful)" is back. After previously wrapping trees and fences with beautiful and colourful knitwear, a special ‘jewel’ is now being decorated.

 Thanks to the work of 300 volunteer knitters, a listed building that is over 150 years old now shines in new splendour, as the Pilatus Today magazine reports.

Over 700 individual parts were needed for the project. Irene Klein from Unterägeri says she is particularly proud of the fact that so many people took part. It was an "ingenious project".

The 150-year.old house has been decorated with knitwear
Irene Klein inspects the work
Ynke Feenestra in front of the house                       
  Photos: Pilatus Today

The object caught the eye of those responsible during a tour of the village. "It's a beautiful old house," says co-initiator Ynke Feenestra. "We walk past it every day, but don't realise the story behind it".

The installation was a challenge, says Judith Markwalder from Oberägeri. But: "The wow effect is really there. We are delighted". The panelling will now remain in place until June - after which the house will be renovated.