Lorze river, 25.07.2020

A walk leads along the Lorze leads from paradise directly into hell, part 3

Walking along the Lorze is inspiring. It is a pity that the flow of the river is so often hidden.

Sunday, and the sun is shining. The lake invites you to take a swim - but that’s not really my thing. At this one point, I agree with my next-door neighbour – and about much more. He often accompanies me on these walks through Zug and his favourite places.

Its astonishing how often we have to keep saying: “I’ve never seen that before”. I was recently waling upstream along the Lorze with my neighbour: at a place where the banks of the Lorze are not overgrown with greenery, we suddenly saw a large fish. It was jumping over the mini waterfall up the next higher level. We are not fishermen, and so we guess it was a trout. My sister and her husband come to meet us later on. The two of them enlighten us about the fish. They suspected that we had rather seen an Alet (leuciscus cephalus L.), also called Aöbel, carrying out the jump described above. The flesh of these cold-blooded fish is edible, but the many bones of the alet would limit the enjoyment of eating it. My friend and I were just glad that we were able to see this scene at all. For me, it was the ‘lighthouse of the day. This is how I refer to very secial experiences, which then go down in my diary

The favourite walk of editor Marco Morosoli leads along the Lorze.

The green obscures the view
In their work, the designers of the new Lorze unfortunately completely forgot that walkers, hikers and all sorts of other people would like to see more of this beautiful river. Green thickets stand in the way. People walking along the Lorze can only come close a little closer to the riverbank itself at one point on the eastern bank of the Lorze, near the bridge between the Pulverhüsli and the Freimann restaurant. This is a great location, especially because a large tree provides soothing shade in the scorching sun.

Although the flowing waters of the Lorze may be difficult to see, they can at least be perceived acoustically. This is also a sign that it has rained a little more this year, although this can be welcome in the summer. Summers that are dry and too hot are anyway not my thing - I could never live in a place where the weather never changes. I don't know how many times I've walked in the Lorze area with my friend – but it’s always been a source of joy for me.

Green oases in the city
But I also often walk alone in this area, and I then usually follow "our" river towards Baar. The changes in terms of landscape are well worth seeing. In certain passages, you can see that green oases are not far away, even in the urban canton of Zug,. Simply start walking and let your mind drift from one thing to another - it's like a clearance shot in ice hockey. Arranging your thoughts in a relaxed way.

One of the most beautiful sections of the Lorze is certainly the area near the centre of the Baar Dorf. This area hasn’t been shaped by nature, but this is no longer noticeable. Before arriving there, I have to briefly pass by ‘Paradies’, near the old Baar spinning mill (Spinnerei), before descending towards Hell a short time later. A steep descent. But as someone who doesn't count the number of steps, I simply know that something cold would be just right now. But before arriving at the restaurant Höllgrotten, you still have to run a sort of gauntlet. On the way there, you’ll find yourself overtaken or crossed by cyclists, and not always in a well-disposed way.

The well-earned reward follows at the end
This brings us back to a well-worn subject. Who should show consideration for whom? I often wonder if it would be appropriate to buy a rear-view mirror! Finally, however, there’s something good to drink in the restaurant Höllgrotten. In this restaurant, which is incidentally located on Neuheim ground, the political issues of Baar are often debated at the regulars’ table (Stammtisch). I’ve unfortunately never taken place I these  - but I probably wouldn’t be allowed a seat there anyway, because journalists are the devil at such get-togethers.