Hünenberg, 15.01.2020

A traditional company goes into new hands

The sun has not yet risen, but light is on in the halls of AgraroTech GmbH in Hünenberg. Philipp von Burg and his two employees stand between tractors and hand mowers. There is a reason for being up so early: with carrying out services to repairing or maintaining agricultural machinery and all kinds of motorised equipment, there’s a lot to do. And that’s what the company specialises in. Von Burg has been working at this location for five years, but there has been a change since the beginning of the year: together with Sebastian Aschmann, he has taken over the business from Cornel Schuler. The company was previously called Cornel Schuler Landtechnik GmbH, and Cornel Schuler ran it with his wife Ruth for over 40 years, up to his retirement.

"The idea that I would take over the company had been discussed for a long time," von Burg recalls. During his time as an employee, he was always involved when it came to making operational decisions. As he knew the company so well and was well-known to the clientele, the idea soon took on more concrete forms. He still needed someone to take on the administrative tasks, however. This is something Sebastian Aschmann knows all about, as he previously worked in the insurance industry. "Daring to take the plunge into self-employment has long been my wish," admits Aschmann.

Philipp von Burg (left) and Sebastian Aschmann have taken over the operation of AgraroTech GmbH.

After a roughly two-year process from the first thought to the handover, the two are now working together at Weidstrasse 1 in Hünenberg, and have successfully managed the first few days on their own. And how does it feel to be a boss? "Not much different than before at the moment," says von Burg and explains: "The impact of the decisions that have been made is not yet felt everywhere, but I look forward to the decisions having an impact.” Sebastian Aschmann has found that there is a lot to do, however, especially behind the scenes.

"In order for operations to run at all, there is more administrative effort than we expected," he knows, but is confident that this will settle down over time. They are happy that they do not to have to re-establish themselves in the industry, because that would have been a difficult task. “Cornel Schuler built up a reputation over the years. And we will definitely benefit from this,” says Aschmann. Even though the location has been taken over, Cornel and Ruth Schuler are still available in case of questions. "We are happy about that, because 40 years of experience simply cannot be replaced."

The direction in which the company should go in the future has not yet been determined. “We first have to establish ourselves here.” says Aschmann, “But of course we have visions.” Depending on how well things go, it’s also conceivable that more employees may be hired. They’re in no hurry. Philipp von Burg sums up: "We are now going about everything step by step."