City of Zug, 16.09.2020

A living art project

As part of the upcoming Zuger Kunstnacht (Zug Art Night), which will take place on Saturday, September 19, an art project of the Verein Kunstpause (Art Break club) will start in the public space of the city of Zug a week earlier. As a representative of young art, the club wants to make the audience part of the event with an interactive action, and to be in contact with the population of Zug.

Last year, the ‘Art Break’ started the anniversary year with the question "Is this art?!" Instead of an answer, it has returned with a backpack full of experience and with many more questions. It will deal with the curatorial leitmotif "Art and You – The Relationship between Man, Individual and Art" at the Zuger Kunstnacht, The club is interested in audience participation and the confrontation with one's own creative work, as well as opinions about art, as can be seen from the club’s media release.

In concrete terms, white billboards will be erected at various locations in the city of Zug (the Alpenquai, Vorstadt Zug, the lake promenade, the Oberer Postplatz, the Zug Music School, the Kawamata-Arena, the Platzwehri, the Metalliplatz, the Kolinplatz, the Kirchenstrasse, Baar, Cham and Zug railways stations), where people from Zug can try themselves out as artists. Any fears of contact and prejudices against art will be reduced In the process.

"We want to know what art means to the people of Zug, and what they think makes up an artist."

The organising committee of the Kunstpause.

Laura Hürlimann, president of the Kunstpause association, is quoted in the press release. "As a young association that promotes young artists, we also want to inspire young people for the Zug Art Night, and to familiarise them with the art world," she adds.

The posters will be placed in the said locations during the week from 14 to 21 September. The population is cordially invited to participate in the interactive action.

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Information about the Kunstpause Platform
From 2014 onwards, the Kunstpause (Art Break) has been a platform for young artists from Zug, the surrounding area and, more recently, even from abroad. It does not focus exclusively on the field of visual arts, but explicitly asks about the interface areas between art, graphics, design, music, performance and digital art Over the last 16 years, more and more artists from other cantons have applied for participation in the Kunstpause, and the supporting programme of the event has become more diverse. The next edition will take place on 20 to 23 May in the Chollerhalle in Zug, and applications can be submitted in October via an online form.