Zug, 13.05.2022

A fateful nightly visit for a drunk driver

An intoxicated driver drove himself to the building of the Zug police – and thereby made their job much easier.

In the early morning of Wednesday, at around 3.30 a.m., a man drove his car to the main post of the Zug police to report a suspicious observation. The police were amazed to see that the 50-year-old man thereby displayed symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption!

A device used by the Zug police to test the alcohol level.                 Image: LZ

The man had already attracted negative attention earlier in the evening. The subsequent breath alcohol measurement showed a value of 1.74 per thousand (which corresponds to 0.87 mg /l). The driving licence of the Portuguese man was taken from him on the spot, and he will now have to answer to the authorities.

Source: Zug Police