Zug, 24.09.2019

700 drivers fined for speeding near schools

The Zug police have let it be known that no fewer than 700 drivers were fined for speeding in the vicinity of schools during the period between Monday 19 August and Friday 13 September.

It was during this four-week period that 345 checks of various kinds were made in the vicinity of schools in all municipalities, the aim of which was to reduce the risk of accident for the youngest citizens in the canton and to make drivers aware of the need to reduce speed in such areas.

The checks involved talking not only to anyone using any kind of transport but also children attending kindergarten and other schools.

Not all the fines issued were on account of excessive speed; some were imposed for failing to give way to people on, or about to use, a pedestrian crossing.

It was in the course of 22 speed checks that the 700 drivers were fined. As some were fined for driving at 44 kph in a 30-kph-zone, others were caught doing 71 kph in a 50-kph-zone, and 82-kph in a 60-kph-zone.

Not that the checks have stopped. Make sure you keep to the speed limit when in the vicinity of schools in particular.