Zug, 05.04.2019

27-year-old Swiss national held over sexual offences

The Zug police, in collaboration with the force in St Gallen, have detained a man suspected of committing sexual offences in a number of cantons.

The first offence took place on 30 December 2014 at around 6 pm as a then 18-year-old woman was making her way home on the cycle path between Lüssiweg and Göblistrasse. Suddenly, a young man appeared, grabbed her, forced her up against a hedge and touched her inappropriately. Fortunately, the victim put up a struggle and she was able to flee the scene.


When the police in St Gallen subsequently arrested a man in relation to sexual offences there, it was thought he might also have been responsible for this attempted rape in Zug; subsequent investigation showed this was the case.

Indeed, as mentioned, the man is suspected of having committed a number of sexual offences in both cantons. Despite the police having obtained DNA proof, the suspect, a Swiss national, still claims he is innocent. Psychiatric reports indicate he is at high risk of re-offending, too. At present he is being detained in custody.