Zug / Schwyz, 23.02.2021

19-year-old motorcyclist without a valid learner licence

A young motorcyclist from Nidwalden avoided a police check on the Artherstrasse in the direction of Arth. A police patrol of the Schwyz cantonal police then took up the chase.

A 19-year-old motorcyclist from the canton of Nidwalden was travelling without a valid learning licence in April last year when he ran into a police check on the Artherstrasse in Zug. By the Casino bus stop, a police officer indicated by hand that the motorcyclist and his passenger should turn into the bus loop and stop. That’s were things became really dangerous. And in the end really expensive.

Near collision and speeding
Ignoring the policeman's instructions, the driver continued towards Oberwil, carrying out a number of risky overtaking manoeuvres. By the site of the old cantonal hospital, he crossed his motorcycle over the safety line to overtake several vehicles. There was also a near-collision with a correctly-driving van coming in the opposite direction. The driver of the van could only prevent a head-on collision by swerving to the right. There, however,  he collided with the kerb and damaged his vehicle.

This didn’t prevent the motorcyclist from continuing his journey. Without worrying about the damage, he continued his journey towards Oberwil and finally to Arth. At the Aazopf in Arth, a patrol of the Schwyz cantonal police spotted the motorcycle and took up the chase. With sirens blaring and the blue light flashing, the patrol followed the motorcycle through the village towards Goldau. The motorcycle driver overtook several vehicles without actuating the blinker and also exceeded the signalled top speed of 50 kilometres per hour – after deduction of the safety margin – by 30 kph.

Total fines of CHF 4,000
According to the criminal charge of the Zug Prosecutor's Office, the motorcyclist confessed to having regularly driven a more powerful bike than he should have done according to his learner driving licence. The 19-year-old was found guilty of multiple cases of driving without authorisation, multiple gross violations of traffic rules, and multiple violations of the Traffic Act and the Traffic Rules Ordinance.

The 19-year-old motorcyclist was thereby fined a financial penalty of 140 daily rates of CHF 90, a combined fine of CHF 3,000 and a violation fine of CHF 1,000. The implementation of the financial penalty was thereby deferred, with a probationary period of three years. The penalty order does not mention the female passenger, who was apparently sitting on the passenger seat the whole time.