Zug, 02.06.2023

150 young yodellers will sing on the Landsgemeindeplatz

Nicole Ochsner and Margrith Müller have founded a children's choir especially for the Federal Yodelling Festival Zug, which will perform on 17 June under the direction of Astrid Bellmont. They will be joined by two existing Zug children's yodelling choirs, as well as around 30 children from the International School.

Children's Project Choir for the Federal Yodelling Festival
With a total of almost 100 children from Zug and over 50 from Obwalden, accordionist Margrith Müller and organiser Nicole Ochsner - both yodellers in the Ägeri Valley Yodelling Club - and conductor Astrid Bellmont want to give a concert on the Landsgemeindeplatz as part of the Federal Yodelling Festival in Zug, after only two full rehearsals.

"We sent the children the sheet music and sound recordings of the songs in advance and asked them to rehearse them," says Ochsner. This has worked out wonderfully, and the participants came to the first rehearsal in April already very well prepared.

The aim is to sing entirely from memory, as befits true yodellers. A ‘Glarner Tüechli’ (scarf from Glarus) will visually unite the project choir.

The Chinderjodelchörli Ägerital (Aegeri valley children’s yodel choir) at a performance on Mother's Day in the parish church of Baar
Video: https://www.luzernerzeitung.ch/zentralschweiz/zug/jodlerfest-zug-120-jungjutzerinnen-und-jutzer-singen-auf-dem-landsgemeindeplatz-ld.2459433

Existing children's choirs are supporting the project choir
Not all the participants are complete beginners. "The ‘Chinderjodelchörli Ägerital’ under the direction of Margrith Müller and the ‘Sännechind’ from Walchwil are also taking part," adds Nicole Ochsner. The songs are being repeated in small groups at their choir rehearsals,

"The other participants can also take part in a rehearsal of one of the children's choirs at any time if they feel they don’t yet know the songs well enough." The project choir will also be reinforced by the ‘Obwaldner Jungjuitzers’, some of whom will even sing in multiple voices. The project choir will be musically accompanied by Daniel Vogler and Margrith Müller on the accordion and Nando Rohrer on the double bass.

A further dress rehearsal - the main rehearsal - will take place immediately before the concert, which will begin at 2.30 pm.

The 'Chinderjodelchörli Ägerital',  under the direction of Margrith Müller, is rehearsing the songs it will perform                 
The singing will be partly framed with gestures  
The ‘Jodlerklub vom Ägerital’ has already been able to recruit four active members from the ranks of the ‘Chinderjodelchörli’                         Photos: Matthias Jurt

Traditional Swiss children's songs
In recruiting the singers, the three women were supported by government councillor and OC president Stephan Schleiss. "He had a flyer distributed to the teachers of Zug's primary schools," says Nicole Ochsner. "We wanted all Zug schoolchildren to be able to take part."

The invitation was also sent to the International School, from which, surprisingly, around 30 children signed up to take part. "The dialect texts are naturally a special challenge for the English-speaking children and their teachers." That makes it all the more gratifying to have them on board.

The programme includes "S'Guggerzytli", "Alls, was'd bruchsch uf der Wält", the piece "Kei Dokterruschtig" from the pen of Andrea Rohrer-Rohrer, co-leader of the Obwaldner Jungjuitzer, as well as "S'Buurebüebli" as an encore.

"Maybe one or the other child will realise his or her joy in singing and remain loyal to the Sännechind or the Chinderjodelchörli," Nicole Ochsner hopes, because the promotion of young talent is very close to her heart. "The Ägeri Valley Yodelling Club has already been able to recruit four active members from the Chinderjodelchörli. So it also ensures the continuity of the adult choir in the long term."