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An attractive residential region paired with preferential business opportunities, the canton of Zug offers a broad but focused mix of sectors, making it a great place to be. The canton’s central location, proximity to Zurich International Airport and the established infrastructure are just some of the attractions, which continue to convince major companies to establish headquarters in Zug.

The highly motivated, innovative and creative Economic Promotion consultants led by Beat Bachmann has been set up to answer all your questions in regard to the canton as your next business location. They are a one-stop-shop supporting companies and entrepreneurs already settled in the canton of Zug as well as those interested in moving to Zug. The Economic Promotion Office can advise you across a multitude of queries including but not limited to setting up a company, locating suitable business premises and networking. Their services are free of charge so for more information on any issues involving doing business in the canton of Zug, please do not hesitate to contact them.


Department of Economic Affairs
Economic Promotion
Aabachstrasse 5
6301 Zug
T. + 41 41 728 55 04

With moving to another city or country, in this case Zug, come several challenges but also opportunities. On #whataboutzug expats across different age groups share their experiences and insights:

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Corporate Swiss radio and TV licence fee

Liability for the new fee

From 1 January 2019, a new device-independent radio and TV fee will be collected from Swiss households and Swiss domiciled companies registered for VAT. It replaces the previous fee, which depended on the number of devices in use and was abolished at the end of 2018.

The following businesses are subject to the new fee:

  • registered office, domicile or permanent establishment in Switzerland
  • entered in the Swiss VAT register and
  • have a total annual turnover exceeding CHF 500,000 (excl. VAT)

Foreign companies with only a Swiss VAT registration (i.e. without domicile or permanent establishment in Switzerland) are not subject to the new fee.

Since the fee is linked to the declared turnover, the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) was nominated as the collecting agency.

The total turnover declared under code 200 of the VAT return (less reductions of consideration) is decisive, i.e. the worldwide turnover regardless of the VAT treatment (i.e. a company declaring only zero-rated turnover from exports or supplies abroad and no Swiss turnover is subject to the new fee as well).

VAT group

If companies are registered for VAT as a VAT group, the new radio and TV licence fee is calculated based on the declared (consolidated) group turnover, i.e. without group internal charges since they are not subject to Swiss VAT.

It might be beneficial for clients to form a VAT group to optimize the fee. Not every single entity /member of the Swiss VAT group receives an invoice based on its turnover but only one invoice is received (maximum fee for the VAT group amounts to CHF 49,925).

Fee groups
Companies under a single management can form one corporate fee group. A corporate fee group consists of at least 30 companies and is liable to pay the fee instead of its members. The total turnover of the individual group members is added together to assess fee liability and determine which tariff category is applicable. The VAT regulations for group taxation apply for joint liability, formation, changes in holdings, dissolution and representation. However, the group is valid only for the corporate fee liability (and not for VAT).

Tariff categories

The assessment of the licence fee is normally based on the previous year's total turnover. During the first year of collection (e.g. FY 2019), assessments will be based on the total turnover declared in 2017 (e.g. summarized turnover declared in box 200 for Q1 – Q5/2017). For FY 2020 turnover declared in FY 2019 is decisive and so on. A full list of all tariff categories can be found here.

It is generally not possible to apply for a reduction of the fee, e.g. in cases where based on the prior year’s turnover the company finds itself in a higher tariff category than it would be in compared to the current year’s turnover.

There are, however, some exceptions:

  • In case of turnover adjustments that result in a different tariff level an application for amendment of the fee is possible.
  • Companies with a small profit that fall within the first category (turnover up to CHF 749,999) can claim a refund of the fee, although the fee still has to be paid first.

In the first year of Swiss VAT registration, no fee will be assessed (since no turnover of a previous year is available). However, if a company de-registers from Swiss VAT it is still liable for payment of the fee for the whole year based on the previous year’s turnover.


Companies will automatically receive an annual bill from the Federal Tax Administration. Payment is due within 60 days after the invoice was issued. In case of late payment, interest will be assessed.

More information can be found here.


Corporate MICE services

Zug Tourism is an information hub for activities and events.

"We can provide you with a clear overview, as well as search for specific information in response to your inquiry. We have contacts to competent service providers and can put together an offer tailored to meet your needs. All the information you need from a single source – we offer 360-degree service for your event."

- Point of contact to group event organisers
- Organisation of private tours in 9 languages or an individual programme
- Organisation of transfers for individuals or groups with local transport companies
- Assistance in finding a suitable event location and caterer
- Accommodation recommendations and management of hotel room allocations
- On-site information stands during your event
- Organisation of small and large team-building events
- Local gift ideas and giveaways from the Zug Shop

Zug Tourismus
6300 Zug
Tel. +41 (0)41 511 75 00


Integration for your employees

The Integration Advisory Serviceis there to provide information for companies about the canton's integration policy, outlining cooperation projects between the economy, state and civil society. It advises on ways to help in managing diversity among the workforce or on how to facilitate the integration of employees who have moved here as they settle into their new home and place of work. Furthermore, it is possible to get funding for integration efforts. For more information, visit