Public Viewing - EM 2024

Galvanik Tuesday, 09 Jul 2024

Lots of fun, cold drinks and great snacks.

The football-mad lovebirds of Galvanik and Chollerhalle have made a plan to celebrate the men's continental table football tournament together with the best of neighborly enthusiasm. On the shared Choller area, with lots of fun, cold drinks and great snacks. And above all: with you! What's on offer: Live - cozy atmosphere - outdoor LED wall - indoor projection - close to the beach - one-meter hot dogs - five-liter beer to share (or drink alone) - barbecue and fabulously nice people. We open one hour before the first game of the day and close half an hour after the final whistle. Note: This text was translated by machine translation software and not by a human translator. It may contain translation errors.

09 Jul 2024  20:00
10 Jul 2024  20:00
14 Jul 2024  20:00
18 Jun 2025  17:00
Galvanik, Chamerstrasse 173,  6300  Zug
Free admission