Clean-up by Reuss River Rotkreuz

Saturday, 21 May 2022

by International Volunteers for WWF Zug

Even as one of Switzerland’s beautiful rivers in the Central region, the Reuss river is sadly not exempted from waste which has a considerable impact on nature and the environment.

Despite government-organized clean-up efforts, considerable amounts of waste can be found on Swiss lakes, rivers, and stream shores. Due to wind or high water, as well as other things, this waste ends up in waterways and can be transported all the way to the ocean. Plastic and other waste are not only an aesthetic problem, but a concrete danger for plants, animals, and people.

With the "Clean-up" campaign, we are making a contribution to combating waste by collecting carelessly discarded litter along the banks of the Reuss River and disposing of it correctly. On the way, we will learn more about the Reuss river and the work of WWF Switzerland on the “Salmon Comeback!” campaign. Although this campaign is targeted at Basel, it is still relevant to the rest of the rivers in Switzerland such as the Reuss river.
Further information is available here.

21 May 2022 09:00 - 13:00