Baar and Oberägeri,26.05.2014

Largest electric car rally to pass through canton

The largest ever electric car rally, known as "Wave", is to pass through the canton next week.
As many as 80 teams with drivers from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and even India and Singapore will be stopping off in Baar on Wednesday 4 June and Oberägeri on Thursday 5 June, after having started off from Stuttgart on Saturday 31 May.
"Wave" stands for World Advance Vehicle Expedition and its route this year will take them on a 10-day tour of Baden-Württemberg, the Swiss Alps and on into French-speaking Switzerland. The main photograph shows the 2013 Wave rally on the Albula Pass in the cnaton of Graubünden.
What the organisers are hoping to do this year is to be able to set up the biggest ever parade of electro vehicles at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. At present the record number in one parade stands at 305, achieved last year at the Wave event in Zurich.
This is the fourth time the Wave rally has been held, with the number of participants actually doubling this year. The organiser is no other than the Swiss pioneer in solar powered vehicles, Louis Palmer, the first person ever to drive round the world in a solar-powered vehicle in 2008.
Spectators will have to be up early to see the vehicles in Oberägeri, where they will be on view at the Altes Schulhaus between 7.30 am and 9 am on 5 June. They can also be seen between 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm at Schulhausplatz on Marktgasse in Baar the day before.
Motorists interested in emission-free driving will be pleased to know that the Amag Zug Garage in Cham now has its own public charging point (third photograph) conforming to EVite standards for electric vehicles. This is actually on the large parking area between the Audi and the VW centres and is open all hours and, what is more, free of charge.
The Amag Zug AG company promotes electric vehicles as an everyday form of transport with cars able to go as far as 150 kilometres (i.e. as far as Chiasso) before needing to be re-charged.