First Impact Investment Summit held in city

More than 200 people attended the first Impact Investment Summit held in Zug at the Theater Casino before it closed recently.
The Swiss Impact Investment Association is a Zug-based organisation which aims to raise the awareness of Impact Investment in the country. The idea behind it all is that there should not only be financial gain from investments but elements of social and environmental benefit, too.
Showing that the canton of Zug was very much behind the aims of the organisation was Matthias Michel, the director of economic development, who was one of 25 speakers on the occasion. He joined as many as 191 guests who included representatives of foundations, start-up companies, banks, multinational companies as well as private equity firms from all over the world, other private investors and fund managers.
“What is important is that decision-makers develop a sense of sustainable investment,” said Klaus-Michael Christensen, the co-founder and president of the Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA), who was particularly struck by the innovative ideas expressed and the convivial atmosphere of the event, which contributed so much its success.
Expanding on the organisation’s aims, he explained how Impact Investment should be considered as a new approach which is in no way contradictory to conventional entrepreneurial practice.
It was noted how so many of the guests were fascinated by the projects presented and impressed by the large number of possibilities for sustainable investment there were. “There is an enormous potential for Impact Investments, especially in Zug with all the providers of financial services here,” said Christensen (on the left in the photograph with Matthias Michel). Indeed, this is why the SIIA is planning to make Zug the long-term centre for its activities, this summit having laid the foundation for them.
The SIIA is already planning a two-day summit to take place in October 2017, but before then it will continue to highlight the many possibilities for sustainable and effective investments, not least those emanating from the many ideas of its members.
Further information can be found on www.siia.ch.