Zug, 31.01.2011

2015 street hockey world championships to be held in the city

The announcement that Zug would stage the 2015 world street hockey championships was not expected quite so soon, as the venue was due to be announced at this year's championships in Bratislava.
However, both China and Germany withdrew their candidature and Zug's presentation clearly persuaded the organisers that it was more than capable of  staging the event. "It was the Bossard Arena which clinched the deal," said Maurus Schöneberger, president of the presentation committee and chairman of the Oberwil Rebels, a renowned local street hockey club.
A budget of CHF 2 million has been earmarked for the championships, which will involve over 1000 players and officials, with 20 to 25 teams competing against each other from 15 to 20 different countries. "Some 200 journalists covered the 2010 world championships which was broadcast live in 7 countries," said Schöneberger, who praised the support he was given by the city and the canton in presenting Zug as a venue.
City councillor Ivo Romer added," We have the perfect infrastructure in the city and we will not have to build anything." While the event is some time off, it will be the first time ever a world championship has taken place in the canton.