CVP party councillors come up with ideas to upgrade arches

Anyone walking by the arches underneath the viaduct used by the SBB in the city cannot fail to notice their prime purpose seems to be as a place to park cars, mopeds and cycles and store containers. Now two members of the CVP party on the city council have come up with some interesting ideas to change this and improve the area.

The two councillors, Christoph Iten and Corina Kremmel, are calling for a major upgrading of this area between the station and Poststrasse, proposing that the arches could be used to house bars, take-away restaurants and pop-up, i.e. temporary, stores.

“It would not cost a lot to make significant improvements,” said Iten, who cited what had been done in similar settings in Zurich, where shops and restaurants had made use of them. Of course, he realised that, in Zug, it would all have to be on a smaller scale. It was also suggested how improved lighting would also help brighten the area up.

There is also the question of what could be done to improve the triangular area at the southern end of Baarerstrasse, where there used to be a guesthouse. It is near here in fact that one of the arches is already used as a public toilet.

As an initial step, the councillors suggest the city council contact the SBB and other landowners in the area to discuss what could be done. The matter is then to be discussed at a meeting of the greater city council on Tuesday 5 June.

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