Contemporary Dance by Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (NL)

Wednesday, 02 May 2018 at Casino Zug
Introduction in German at 7.15 pm

This is the company that the Steps Dance Festival has invited the most, which is all anyone really needs to know. But to give you a little more detail, here are four facts: 1. The 16 dancers are aged between 17 and 22 and have been selected from among the best young talents in the world. 2. The company performs at the most prestigious venues around the globe and has served as an example for establishing numerous other junior companies. 3. The group focuses on brilliant technique, ultra-high tempo and elegance and combines it all with a dash of humour. 4. If you see them, you won't regret it.

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Works and Cast

«I New Then»

Johan Inger
choreography, set

Van Morrison

«Mutual Comfort»

Edward Clug
choreography, set, costumes

Milko Lazar


«Short Cut»

Hans van Manen

Jacob ter Veldhuis


Sol León und Paul Lightfoot choreography, set, costumes

Stiftung Theater Casino Zug
Artherstrasse 2–4
CH-6300 Zug
+41 41 729 05 50

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