Ana Meyer, not just a keen supporter of Croatia

Ana Mayer, who lives in Riedmatt in the city, enjoys dual nationality, her mother’s homeland being Croatia. With Switzerland out of the World Cup, it is only natural she will be supporting Croatia in tonight’s match against England.

The 13-year-old has been following the Croatian team’s games with great excitement, especially having with their done so well to reach the quarter finals. The last time they reached this stage was in France in 1998, when they ended up third. Her favourite player is Ante Rebic, who otherwise plays for Eintracht Frankfurt.

Not that Mayer, who until recently was a pupil at the Zug Cantonal School, is just a football supporter; she is very good at playing it, too. She explained how, earlier this year, she had been involved in trials in the Football Academy in Biel, which promotes and encourages promising young female football players.

She certainly did her stuff and was overjoyed to get a mail from the academy, which is sponsored by Credit Suisse, to say how impressed they were with her skills. She then had to undergo three more tests, all of which she passed, resulting in her being offered a place at the academy, which also provides normal school lessons. Hence this is where she will be going next term, staying with a guardian family during the week.

What the academy insists on, is that, should she go on to even greater heights, that she play for the Swiss national team. On the other hand, Croatia might want her to play for them, in which case they would have to pay a hefty release fee.

Of course, all this is not the main thing on Ana’s mind at present. Like many others, she will be avidly following the match which starts in Moscow at 8 pm this evening.      

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