53-year-old Bulgarian ordered to leave the country within 24 hours

A Bulgarian national was ordered to leave the country after he was found guilty of shoplifting from the Zugerland centre (photograph) on Saturday.
It was around 5 pm that the man had entered a changing room with a woman’s jacket at T-shirt, together worth CHF 360, where he cut off the anti-theft device and price tag before leaving the shop.
Employees had noticed the man’s suspicious behaviour and followed him to the ticket machines by the car park where they detained him until the police arrived. The stolen items were duly found in a bag in his possession.
When police went on to search his Bulgarian-registered car, they found a stun gun, the possession or import of which is forbidden in Switzerland. The police also found the diagonal pliers with which he had removed the anti-theft device and duly confiscated these, too.
When questioned, the 53-year-old admitted stealing the clothes. In fast-track proceedings the man was fined and ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.He was also ordered to pay CHF 150 to the shop for expenses incurred. Furthermore, he was banned from entering any branch of the shop from which he stole the goods for five years.
As to the theft of clothes worth over CHF 100,000 at the Globus Herren fashion store over the weekend, policewoman Judith Aklin confirmed that initial reports from witnesses were being investigated but also admitted that it was possible the stolen goods would be sold abroad or on the internet and hence never retrieved.

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