39-year-old e-bike rider seriously injured

A 39-year-old e-bike rider was seriously injured on Monday evening after he was in collision with a 75-year-old woman driver who failed to notice him

The incident happened shortly before 5.30 pm as the elderly woman was turning from Riedstrasse into Hinterbergstrasse. It was in so doing that she failed to notice the cyclist on Hinterbergstrasse itself, until the last moment, causing both to brake sharply to avoid a collision. Whilst this was effective, in braking so sharply the cyclist was hurled over the handlebars injuring himself considerably as he landed on the ground.
He was treated on the spot and then taken to hospital.

In a separate incident, a 17-year-old  sustained slight injuries after she was knocked off he bike by a car turning right as she set off again at traffic lights on Feldstrasse in the city on Wednesday morning. While the driver stopped to enquire how the girl was, he then continued on his way.

The police have since appealed for anyone who witnessed the incident, or the driver himself, to contact them on 041 728 41 41. The man, who spoke Swiss German, was described as around 50,175 cm tall, with short greying curly hair. It was mentioned, too, that the car had writing on it, indicating it may have been a company car.

While on cyclists, in a check police made on Tuesday morning in Hünenberg, 21 out of 41 schoolchildren cyclists had defective lights. Police would like to remind all road users to ensure they can see and be seen, particularly on these dark mornings.

In a further separate incident, a 45-year-old driver of a Land Rover was fortunate to escape injury after his vehicle skidded while going downhill on Rämlistrasse in Oberägeri on Wednesday afternoon, causing it to turn over (second photograph, the main photograph is for illustrative purposes only).

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