36-year-old intruder arrested

A 36-year-old man who had broken into an electronic store in the municipality was able to be arrested thanks to an alert local resident.

It was at 4 am on Sunday morning that a woman heard the sound of breaking glass near her home and, on looking out, noticed how the window of an electronics shop had been broken.

She duly called the police who arrived on the scene and noticed the man was still in the shop. When he became aware the police were present, the intruder, who had his face covered, tried to run off but was soon apprehended.

It was discovered that the rucksack he had dropped contained a number of electronic items along with an amount of cash. It turned out the man was an Algerian national, the police now investigating whether he was responsible for a number of similar crimes.

The police subsequently mentioned how important it was for locals to call them if they noticed anything suspicious in their neighbourhood.

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