100-year-old silver willow to be felled

Despite many attempts to keep this old willow tree alive, it has been decided it must be felled, not least for reasons of safety.

For decades this old tree (second photograph), with a girth of eight metres, has given great pleasure to those who saw it in the Hirsgarten (former millet-growing area) by the lake shore in Cham.

In recent years it has received much care, not least as its mighty bough looked at one time as if it would split open, with tree fungi spreading fast, as Markus Schuler, the head of landscaping in the community, explained. In recent months, its condition has deteriorated even more, and it is felt nothing more can be done to save it. Hence it is to be felled in February. In April it is hoped a replacement will grow from a cutting taken from it, the landscaping department having previously done this successfully with previous cuttings, the results able to be seen can be seen today in the Lorzenpark (third photograph).

Unfortunately, this silver willow, or salix alba to give it is Latin name, is not the only tree about to be felled, with others in the municipality having to be cut down, too, again mainly for reasons of safety, owing to their having become ill, or struck by lightning, or damaged by fungi or insects. These include the lime tree by the Röhrliberg school, the elms at the station and the birches by the Rigiplatz recreation area.

The main photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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