Zuger Fasnacht 2020

Ever since the Middle Ages, central Switzerland has been celebrating «Fasnacht». A long-held tradition to go all out preceding the fasting season, your winter woes are sure to dissipate with all the confetti, music and dressed up crowds.

The main festivities will start on Shrove Thursday and end 6 days later in the early morning hours of Ash Wednesday. Kanton Zug too will be under siege by a variety of gaudy, historic and sometimes downright scary costumes as once again carnival descends on all municipalities.

In Stadt Zug, Fasnacht will start with a bang in the early morning hours of the 20th of February. The entire day will consist of plenty of noise, parades and activities – all in all, a fantastic day for everybody!


05.00 am - Wakeup call at the Landsgemeindeplatz. Free bus ride if you arrive from within the canton, free croissant, and coffee.

06.00 am - Family breakfast – alcohol-free breakfast in the Rathaus at Fischmarkt offered by the Zuger Chesslete Society.

09.00 am - Start of the Metalli-Guggete, guggen music concerts in the Metalli shopping center.

10.00 am - Children's face painting and entertainment at the Bundesplatz.

11.30 am - Risotto lunch at the Bundesplatz offered by local businesses and accompanied by guggen music.

2.30 pm - Traditional parade with lots of themes and colorful costumes. Starts at Kolinplatz - Postplatz - Bundesplatz. Followed by a BIG CONFETTI BATTLE at the Bundesplatz.

2.30 pm - Children's parade in the old town.

4.00 pm - Children's entertainment at the Landsgemeindeplatz with many attractions and a drawing competition.

4.30 pm - End of day welcome concert at the main train station for all who had work that day.

5.00 pm - For the first time, end of day welcome concert at Freiruum. 

8.00 pm - Chesselwy begins in the old town: guggen music across three stages until 01.30 am. Many tents, bars, and restaurants stay open until the early morning hours!

Complimentary busses at 1, 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning from Postplatz.

In addition, each municipality has its own carnival festivities so make sure to browse our list below to find out what’s happening near you (links to websites in German):

18.01.2020, Schiessvereinssamstag, Walchwil, 11.00 am, Website

25.01.2020, Inthronisation Eiche Zunft, Hünenberg, 5.30 pm, Website

26.01.2020, Fasnacht parade, Neuheim, 2.00 pm, Website   

29.01.2020, Bäckermöhli Fischmarkt, Zug, 4.15 pm, Website

29.01.2020, Bäckermöhli Kolinplatz, Zug, 4.45 pm, Website

01.02.2020, Inthronisation of the Räbevater, Baar, 7.00 pm, Website

01.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Morgarten, 1.15 pm, Website

20.02.2020, Children's parade, Unterägeri, Website 

21.02.2020, Children's fasnacht, Rotkreuz, 3.00 pm, Website 

21.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Steinhausen, 2.30 pm, Website 

22.02.2020, Schränzegg, Baar, 4.00 pm, Website

22.02.2020, Aamuesetä at Rathausplatz, Baar, 7.00 pm, Website 

22.02.2020, Schnitzelbank, Rotkreuz, 7.30 pm, Website

22.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Allenwinden, 1.30 pm, Website  

22.02.2020, Fasnacht parade by Herti, Zug, 2.00 pm, Website

23.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Rotkreuz, 2.00 pm, Website

23.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Baar, 2.30 pm, Website

23.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Unterägeri, Website

24.02.2020, Children's parade, Baar, 2.30 pm, Website

24.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Oberalosen, 1.00 pm, Website

24.02.2020 Usrüerä in the village, Oberägeri, 4.30 pm, Website  

24.02.2020, Greth Schell in the old town, Zug, 4.00 pm, Website

25.02.2020, Grand finale burning of Räbechüngs, Baar, 7.00 pm, Website 

25.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Hünenberg, 2.30 pm, Website

25.02.2020, Fasnacht parade, Oberägeri, 1.15 pm, Website    

01.03.2020, Chrööpfelimee, Zug, 5.30 pm, Website       



Image credits: Zuger Zeitung

Source: Zug Tourismus and www.zugerchesslete.ch