Canton of Zug, 26.11.2021

Traded illegally in cosmetics

A crime tourist from Georgia traded in stolen razors, razor blades and toothbrush attachments. The 31-year-old was arrested and convicted, and now has to leave Switzerland.

During a check of persons and vehicles on Tuesday, 16 November 2021, the Zug Police forces found the 31-year-old Georgian was in possession of a large quantity of originally-packaged cosmetic articles worth a total of around CHF 4,000. As part of the investigation, some of the stolen items were able to be assigned to two sales transactions.

According to the man's statements, he bought the razors, razor blades and toothbrush attachments from a man who was unknown to him for the price of CHF 300. The Georgian must thereby have realised that the other person must have come into possession of these cosmetics through a criminal offence, and was now selling them far below their market value.

The 31-year-old, who was staying in Switzerland illegally, was arrested and sentenced by the judge of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Zug to a penalty charge and a fine of several hundred francs for theft and violating the Foreigners and Integration Act. The Office for Migration them expelled the crime tourist from Switzerland. He was also banned from entering Switzerland and Liechtenstein for three years.

Source: Zug Police