City of Zug, 17.09.2020

The most attractive municipality in Switzerland

Zug has landed in first place in the ratings of municipal councils published by the weekly magazine Weltwoche. The municipality of Meggen secured second place, with Lachen in the canton of Schwyz coming third.

The Weltwoche magazine analyses Swiss municipalities every year, and draws up a rating Swiss-wide. A total of 933 municipalities, each with more than 2,000 inhabitants, were examined, according to a statement from Weltwoche. Three municipalities in Central Switzerland have taken the first three places this year: the City of Zug in first place, Meggen in Canton Lucerne in second place and Lachen in the canton of Schwyz in third place.

Among the up-and-comers in the cities, St. Gallen improved from 323th to 306th, Basel from 137th to 101st, and Lucerne from 120th to 77th. Relegations among the cities included Zurich, which dropped from 23rd to 31st place, and Bern, falling from position 133 to 138.

According to Weltwoche, the city of Zug is the most attractive municipality in Switzerland.

In terms of rating, the municipalities were assessed by 50 different factors, and the study was carried out by the Zurich-based consulting firm IAZI.

The questions were:
Where is the quality of life highest?
Where are there attractive workplaces, easily accessible schools and a wide range of leisure activities?
Where is the level of security high?
Where is the infrastructure well developed?

The evaluation of all 933 municipalities can be viewed on the website of Weltwoche.