Canton Zug, 21.10.2021

Storm "Hendrik" blows through Switzerland

The storm "Hendrik" moved into Switzerland from the north and brought gusts of up to 130 kilometre per hour, according to MeteoNews on Thursday morning.

There were storms throughout Switzerland on Thursday morning. This was all due to the storm "Hendrik". The most violent phase has now passed, however, and that also applies to the rain, according to SRF Meteo at 6.30 a.m.

MeteoNews has publishes an overview of the wind speeds with which the storm swept over Switzerland
(see illustration). There were wind speeds of local hurricane level (126 kph) in Aesch (Basel Land) and in Cressier (125 kph). The maximum speed measured so far was in Chasseral, with 134 kph.

The storm caused high waves on Lake Zug
Wind speeds throughout Switzerland on Thursday morning

The arrival of Hendrik was announced in advance: the MeteoNews already reported the evening before that a "huge autumn low" was raging in Scandinavia, which would affect large parts of Europe – but Switzerland would only experience an "autumn storm".