Rotkreuz, 19.08.2019

Radiology and Neuro-Radiology Institute takes delivery of new MRT machine


Two weeks ago the Radiology and Neuro-Radiology Institute (RNI) in Rotkreuz took delivery of a new magnetic resonance tomography machine (MRT).  

Such equipment enables very sharp pictures of internal parts of the body to be seen very clearly. One of the many advantages of this latest model, made by the American General Electric company, is that it makes far less noise. With older tomography machines, older people complained the level of noise was as loud as a motorcycle passing. Of note was that the machine, which weighs 7.5 tonnes, was delivered and installed most professionally and calmly by a team of Portuguese delivery men.  

In charge of the RNI machine is radiologist and neuro-radiologist Dr Andrea Winkler, who, prior to returning to Zug, worked at the Seespital in Kilchberg in the canton of Zurich and before that at the Kantonspital Schwyz and at the Andreas Clinic in Cham.

Once the RNI is fully operational it will be used for ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic resonance and computer tomography. Of note is that this practice at number 18 Suurstoffi is the very first private radiology one to be run by the doctor who owned it in the area; there are not that many around.

If all had gone to plan, the practice actually opens today, Monday 19 August, Dr Winkler working with four assistants.

Readers may be interested to know that a Suurstoffi Open Day is to take place between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturday 14 September, when it will be possible to visit the practice and see the new machine. Incidentally, this is the same day when the new footbridge linking Rotkreuz Station to the Suurstoffi complex is being opened.