Zugerberg-Schönegg, 26.11.2021

No tobogganing this winter due to construction work

Regardless of how much snow falls, toboggan lovers have to do without this popular run.

Tobogganing will not be possible from the Zugerberg mountain station to the Schönegg valley station via the Geissbodenstrasse during the winter of 2021/2022, as the city of Zug writes in a media release. This applies regardless of how much snow falls. The Geissbodenstrasse will be completely cleared of snow, because, among other things the road has to be used by construction traffic for the construction of the new tracks for the Zugerberg mountain railway. The first preparatory work already began in October 2021.

The re-construction of the funicular track will begin on 7 February 2022 and will last until 12 December 2022. During this time, replacement buses will run between Schönegg and the Zugerberg. With the exception of the replacement buses, a general driving ban will also apply during the entire construction period due to construction site traffic on Geissbodenstrasse. The timetable of the replacement buses can be seen on the website of the Zugerberg-Bahn under www.zbb.ch.