Zug, 21.10.2021

More and more girls want to play football

Women's football is booming in the canton of Zug., Zug 94 has also recently experienced a large influx.

Doris Keller and Patricia Aschwanden from FC Zug 94 are looking forward to their work: "We started with a trial training in May of this year and, from the summer, we have had three teams playing in the championship with the Df, Fe and FF19 juniors (FF19 = Frauenfussball / junior women’s football 19 years of age, DF = Damenfussball / women’s football)," explains Patricia Aschwanden, and adds: "An increase is planned in the winter, with an E and another D junior team."

What motivated them to approach girls and women? Patricia Aschwanden from the club’s office, is convinced: "As the largest football club in the canton, we cannot offer 500 boys a platform for their passion while simply offering nothing for girls and women."

And Doris Keller, who is on the management board of Zug 94, adds: "We are a grassroots sports club, and we want to offer everyone the opportunity to follow their hobby with us."

The goal is an active team
Last season, there were only twelve girl in the club, and they played with the boys. From last May, 66 junior women players have been gained, however, and Doris Keller speaks of a boom. There are currently 15 players on the waiting list, who could be integrated into various teams in November. "The goal is to have an active team in addition to a broader, junior women's section." The offer is aimed at girls born between 2003 and 2015, and their parents. Patricia Aschwanden spells out the offer: "We’re looking forward to having lots of girls take part in a non-binding trial training session."

The undisputed number one in terms of women's football in the canton of Zug is FC Baar. For almost 30 years, the club has also promoted female players - and with great success. In addition to two active teams – the first of which plays in the 1st league at the national level – four junior women's teams are also registered. Claudia Mösch, the Baar board member responsible for women players, welcomes the commitment of the neighbouring club Zug94 in this area: "We hope that the other clubs in the area will work together, and are committed to establishing a strong women's football in the canton of Zug." She regards a competitive situation with regard to players as "the worst thing" that could happen.

"A win-win situation should arise, and everyone should be able to benefit."

Photo 1: From the summer, a Fe junior team has also been playing for Zug 94.
Photo 2: The Zug Fe team is coached by André Köpfli.      
Photos: Jan Pegoraro
Photo 3: Hünenberg's player coach Samira Iten.                  Photo: Michael Wyss


New teams also in the mountain area and in Ennetsee
Other teams that are advanced with regard to active women's football are also SC Cham and FC Hünenberg, while FC Ägeri and SC Menzingen also have a joint team, and all these teams play in the 3rd league. Samira Iten, player coach in Hünenberg, also speaks of the continuing interest: "There are always new requests. We are experiencing an influx."

And Mick Waltenspühl, coach of the Ägeri/Menzingen team, says: "I have 27 players in the squad, and the trend is upwards. From this season, we have an FF19 team with 18 players at FC Ägeri and we will also have an FF15 team from March."

Robert Kehrli from SC Cham also has news: "We are now starting to train an FF19 team, and we are still looking for players born between 2004 and 2007. We want to announce a team for the championship from the new season."

That girls are becoming more interested in football can also be seen in the youngest Zug club. Blau Weiss Zug, which was founded in 2013, has had a team in the FF19 Junior Women's Championship since the current season.