Zug, 18.10.2019

Hotel Loewen to undergo CHF2-million refurbishment

It is 20 years ago that the Hotel Löwen on Landsgemeindeplatz was last renovated, hence the time has come for it to be renovated again, as Christoph Ruckli, the managing director, explained.

“Our main target group is made up of businessmen and women and we want to ensure their needs are met accordingly,” he explained to a journalist of the Zuger Zeitung in the brasserie, one area of the hotel which was actually renovated in 2015.

The plans are for all 47 rooms of the hotel to be extensively refurbished, with new carpet flooring, new furniture, décor and bathrooms, the top floor being extended, too. As to the colours of the new interior, these are to be similar to those of the brasserie, with its warm green and brown hues and lots of black and white. However, the actual size of the 47 rooms will remain as at present. In addition, the breakfast room and reception areas are also to be upgraded, too.

The top attic floor, hitherto unused, is to be renovated and used for storage and archive purposes, a small flat for staff there also planned. Two new roof windows are to be built on the south-facing side with the whole roof area being insulated to ensure energy efficiency.

Unlike with the renovation of other hotels, the Löwen will not be closing for a few months; renovation work will take place floor by floor, much planning having gone into ensuring guests are not inconvenienced too much.

Work is planned to start in January, with completion, it is hoped, by Easter. As to the cost of it all, Rückli mentioned a sum of CHF 2 million.