Zug, 02.12.2021

Employees of the Cantonal Hospital to receive a "Corona Bonus"

The employees of the Cantonal Hospital Zug are to receive CHF 100 for each month worked from March to December.

According to Wednesday’s  announcement, the Zug Cantonal Hospital would like to thank its employees for their "extraordinary performance" this year, and is rewarding them with a "corona bonus" of a maximum of CHF 1,000.

This will be paid to all employees who are employed at the Cantonal Hospital in December 2021. They will receive CHF 100 for each month of work in the period from March to December of this year, regardless of the level of employment.


Related to the financial success
This is apparently not only due to pure gratitude for the employees’ performance, but is also related to the financial success of the hospital in 2021. "We are very pleased that this year's economic performance is at a similar level as last year, despite the corona pandemic."

The employees already received CHF 100 per month from March 2020 to February 2021.