Unterägeri, 17.09.2020

Baking in the open air now possible

A bread-baking oven has now been set up at the Reformed Church in Mittenägeri, and can be used by anyone.

An old tradition has been revived: a large bread baking oven now stands beside the Reformed Church in Mittenägeri. The dark discoloration on the outside shows that it has already been put into operation. "The bread baking oven used to be a traditional meeting place for people, and that’s exactly what we want to offer again," says the Rev. Jürg Rother. He developed and realised the idea together with the social deacon, Sabine Bruckbach Hanke.

As a result, the wonderful scent of freshly baked bread will now be experienced around the church centre. A so-called bread baking day has been planned once a month. On this day, any interested parties have the opportunity to bring along their homemade dough and bake it in the large oven, which can accommodate up to twelve loaves at the same time. The baking days will be on the third Saturday in the month.

The amateur bakers will be supported by the sigrist André Rieder. Baking in a wood-burning oven is not as easy as it sounds. "You need a certain touch, and you have to be careful with the oven," explains Father Rother. You can’t simply turn a dial to obtain the right temperature, like at home, and you need a feeling for this. And the loaves have to be turned in between. André Rieder was involved in the construction of the furnace and had the opportunity to gain experience.

The initiators Sabine Bruckbach Hanke, Jürg Rother and Chris Weingartner (from left).

The oven as a part of the valley
Tips are not only available for baking, but, when needed, also for the successful preparation of the dough. This is also intended as a part of the desired exchange. "In the past, the ovens were part of the people. Our oven should become part of the valley," says Jürg Rother, adding that the Mittenägeri location is particularly suitable for this purpose.

The official commissioning of the furnace was a success. "I was surprised at how many interested people showed up," says Jürg Rother. They enjoyed tasting the freshly baked bread rolls. They can bring their own dough along to the next public event, which takes place on 17 October. The oven is kept at operating temperature from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and about 30 minutes should be scheduled for the baking process.

A "bread baking flag" will be used to draw attention to the occasion, and will be hoisted on the street by the church centre. The oven can also be rented for parties. "The location is ideal for a cosy meal in the circle of friends or families," says Rother. Bread is not the only baking option. The oven is also suitable for pizza or flans – and the seductive fragrance is hopefully guaranteed one way or the other.

For more information, see www.ref-aegeri.ch