Zelle – Wenn es dunkel wird

Theater Casino Zug Thursday, 21 Oct 2021

An impressive piece of musical theatre

A soul in a body in a room in a story in a soul in a body in the world. In a wintery Alpine landscape, a woman is discovered alone on a mountain. There is no trace of her children. The investigator gets no answers to her questions and ends up getting more and more lost in her own family’s travails. Fog blankets the valley, the line between light and darkness becomes blurred and the search for answers begins to lose its meaning. “You can’t find something that’s already lost." Peter Stamm’s text is an homage to the mystic power of the mountains, while composer Jamie Man has used it to carve out an impressive piece of musical theatre. The combination of various singing techniques allows for an interplay of voices where the focus is switched from what you see to what you hear. It creates a space in which the perception of what is real and what is not is completely altered. Regie und Komposition Jamie Man /文珮玲 Text Peter Stamm Licht und Bühnenbild Ezra Veldhuis Materialien und Kostüme Fredrik Tjærandsen Dramaturgie Tomas Serrien Nō-Darstellerin Ryoko Aoki / 青木 涼子 Sopran Natascha Young Countertenor Steve Katona Obertongesang Jackie Janssens E-Gitarre Wiek Hijmans Perkussion Joey Marijs Electronics Tatiana Rosa Musikalische Leitung Asko Schönberg Eine Produktion des LOD muziektheater Gent (BE)

21 Oct 2021 20:00
Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2 - 4, 6300 Zug
CHF 80.00 / 60.00 / 40.00Reduced tickets from CHF 15.00